We are doing a component-based repairment in our Advanced Repair Lab!
Thanks to the advanced repairment hardware in our machine park, we can conduct component-based repairment of any kind of electronic cards. This way we present electronic reparation solutions to our customers.
Parallel to the developing technology, wide surfaced SMD equipments and BGA chips are more frequently used in devices manufactured with the latest technology. Whereas successful results are achieved in interventions made with air stations in repairing equipment that do not have wide surfaces, it is required to use computer-controlled BGA ReWork devices in repairing BGA Chips that are wide-surfaced and bottom-pinned.

In this scope, as ServisPoint, we started to incorporate our advanced level repair center thanks to our investments in 2009, Q4. With our Fonton 936 USB BGA ReWork device which we included in our machine park, we can replace every kind of SMD component and BGA Chips that are compatible with ROHS, in international standards. We make pins for every kind of BGA Chips (ReBalling) and we replace faulty items with new ones, with our wide stencil and nozzle range.

We keep SMD equipment and BGA Chips in moisture free zones and prevent life shortening due to moisture, with our moisture cabinets. We provide full contact between the processor and the pins in BGA Chips, for which we manufacture pins (ReBalling) with our special heaters, using suitable temperatures. By this means, processors that get hot due to excessive usage do not drop their pins (Cold Solder) and will not cause defects. After removing defective processors from the motherboard, we clean the motherboards with special cleaning equipment and clear solder remains and dust. In this way we provide a factory-made assembly on the motherboard.

Our working spaces, technician outfit and the equipment we use have been planned correspondent to the world ESP standards and all benches, floor coverings and earthing are measured and certificated by Istanbul Electrical Engineers Chamber.

Thanks to our Advanced Repairment Level Laboratory, we conduct component-based repairs of every kind of electronic cards. In this way, different from present repair applications, we present very economical solutions to our customers.
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