With our quality and cost driven solutions, we offer you a unique opportunity for competition
We suggest adding value to your trademark and products with our experienced department, scattered around the four corners of the country, around 1200 technical staff and our fleet of 500 vehicles.
Repair Services
ServisPoint, executes the repairment of such devices as LCD/CRT/Plasma Television, Music Systems, PC/Laptop, LCD/CRT, Monitor, Broadcast Receiver, Projector and Navigation in accordance with the needs of producers, importers and distribution companies from a single centre or its different departments. It provides for them logistically by administering spare material stock.

Installation Services
ServisPoint, provides extensive, on the spot installation services in all parts of Turkey in such product groups as LCD/Plasma Television, Sound Systems, PC/Laptop, Projector.

Testing Services
ServisPoint, fixes products which it has determined to be actually malfunctioning in line with the wishes of producers, importers and distribution companies and makes a report of the whole operation after testing defective products belonging to producers, importers and distribution companies.

Call Center Services
ServisPoint, with its available infrastructure, executes its professional Help Desk/Call Center Services as Inbound or Outbound.
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