With our web based software, watch the whole operation online !
You can keep track of after-sale service duties related to your products online and direct your selling and buying strategies using the reporting tools we create in accordance with your needs.
Own a Prevalent and Qualified Service Organization with one Signature !
We are aware how costly a process it is to establish a prevalent and qualified service organization. We are providing you the opportunity to have a prevalent and qualified service network throughout Turkey by means of the contract you will make with us. Thus, you will have obtained the chance with a minimum cost to compete with leading companies in the sector which have a prevalent service network.

Get In Touch With A Single Contact Point For All Your After-Sale Services !
Get in touch with a single contact point for the management of your services and your problems occurring on the field and minimize your customer service costs. Let us solve the problems which occur on the field while you just focus on selling and marketing.

Make The Sale Now To Chain Stores !
The significance of chain stores amongst today’s outlets is incontrovertible. The fact that your products are sold in chain stores will considerably increase both your sales figures and the currency of your products. On the other hand, most of the chain stores require you to have a prevalent and qualified service organization as a prerequisite for selling your products from their stores. ServisPoint, which works together with the leading chain stores of the sector such as Teknosa, Electro World, Darty, Media Markt, Bimeks, Vatan Bilgisayar and Gold Bilgisayar, will promote the sales of your products from chain stores by means of the services it will provide you with.

Watch The Whole Operation Online and Report !
As ServisPoint, we are aware that the administering of such a prevalent service operation is only possible by a goal oriented and powerful software. By virtue of our web based software which we have put together according to the business models of our customers, we provide you with the opportunity to report and watch the whole operation online 7/24 from all over the world. We help you ascertain your selling, marketing and buying strategies in accordance with the results you will attain.

We respond to your Call Center and Help Desk Requirements !
With our current infrastructure, we also respond to your Call Center and/or Help Desk requirements. Thus, we produce complete presale and after-sale solutions.

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