Our sole concern is to provide Service Duties for your products !
We suggest providing after-sale service duties for your products with our experienced team and departments, while you just get into touch with a contact point for the whole operation and monitor it online from all over the world.
Not a Trademark Service, it is a Service Trademark !
Servis Noktas?A.?, established in year 2006, started functioning with 19 contractual service points in 7 provinces. ServisPoint, which came to possess 250 contractual service points in 67 provinces by the end of the year 2007, currently provides after-sale service duties in Consumer Electronics and Informatics products, to producers, importers and distributors with its 400 contractual service points in 79 provinces.

Besides the prevalent service duties it provides, it not only gives material and technical support to service points on the field but it also provides its customers with service duties at their will from a single point through the Central Service in Mecidiyeköy which has a territory of 400 m2 and 6 different Turkish Standards Institution criteria.

ServisPoint, which manages 400 service points, the work done on the field and material and logistics traffic by means of its web based software it utilizes, offers its customers the opportunity to track the after-sale duties related to their products online and receive detailed reports.

Our Mission
To provide swift service duty to the customers and trademarks at outstanding service standards with its service network which is scattered all over the country, experienced, customer oriented and which offers qualified service. To augment their competitive capacity by adding value to the trademarks with whom it signed a contract, to contribute to their creating a price advantage in their products by minimizing their spending on customer service management. To offer customers qualified, reliable and swift service duty economically.

Our Vision
Besides the service duties which it provides, to present its customers with CRM services by always having advanced IT infrastructures and communication technologies, to sustain its leader position accomplished in this sector in Turkey by concepts and services it will propogate by taking implementations in European countries as an example.
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