Turkey’s first independent and expansive Service Brand !
Let your trademark have 400 departments in Turkey with a signature. Let us execute all your after-sale service duties while you just focus on your sales.
ServisPoint creates unique competition advantages for foreign and domestic trademarks in consumer electronics and IT products with its 400 experienced departments scattered around 7 geographical regions.

Today’s customers are being more selective when it comes to preferring products and look for the quality and the prevalence of the service organization in the products they buy, besides quality and price advantages. When common characteristics of companies with critical market shares are examined, it will be seen that their service organizations provide prevalent and qualified service.

Establishing a qualified and prevalent service organization is rather a costly and long process. What is more, the controlling and reporting of provided service duties, investing money to measure customer satisfaction and adapting to the technological advancements of the age so as to ensure the continuation of these investments is required. ServisPoint will enrich your trademark with its software ensuring extensive reporting, its experienced service organization scattered around the four corners of the country and its about 1.200 staff and almost 500 vehicle parks.

Depending upon the characteristics of your product, it will definitely provide the most qualified service, be it at the service center or on the spot.

Now a new era begins in competition...
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